General informations

First informations and steps

I2P builds up a new net inside the usual internet, connecting nodes together via crypted connections, so called tunnels.
It is a JAVA program with its most used part (en/decryption of data) is written partly in handoptimized assembler code (GMP lib in libjbigi).
I2P will route unknown traffic through your node, maybe even stuff you dislike. As all this data is encrypted, nobody knows whats data went to or from your node.

I2P is not completely ready yet, it is still in development. First stable version will be release 1.0 in near future. All version til than are beta releases to test I2P and find still existant bugs.
Due to the natural behaviour of beta releases, the I2P team will release a new version more often than usual (once every 4-8 weeks) and may change some important parts which may break compatibility with older version.
Although we do not know any right now, I2P might contain one or more flaws of anonymity and/or other problems. Use on your own risk!

ALWAYS use latest stable release (in time it is 0.7.6). Development releases are called "mtn version" and are marked with a "-", e.g. 0.7.6-1. Those are usually useable by all but may do harm to your I2P experience.
You can get the latest MTN builds from my eepsite http://echelon.i2p, but always remember: I built them, you need to trust me for I have not changed the code!
After you get the right "" file, put that file into the I2P directory and hit restart on the router console Do NOT deflate the zip file!
Those updates are "all complete", you can update from all versions from on to the version you get the from. You can even downgrade with these files.

Right after start the status console ( should open up. Read more about it on the next page.

I2P is dynamic - after startup it tries to get known to other I2P routers and measures their speed - you need to wait some 10-120 minutes until your I2P router got contact with enough other ones to obtain the full capabilities of I2P.
In the time after first start the other I2P routers need to get known to your router, to. The router informations are saved on harddrive for at least 24h - a restart after e.g. 10h will bring you back on in short time.
Short after your destinations will be online and you can start using I2P.
1 to 3 hours after startup the other routers know your router, its capabilities and if you share enough bandwidth they start to built up tunnels through your router - these tunnels will be shown as participating tunnels on your router.

Now it is time to get known to your route console!