Router console head menu

Description of the top menu in router console

In the upper menu you can select some included applications and go to some statistical data.

upper menu

In the first line you see the links to the integrated applications:
Susimail - small mail client to be used with postmans email service
SusiDNS - small addressbook service tool (for easy short names inside of I2P)
I2PSnark - included web based I2P torrent client
My Eepsite - included jetty server with which you can publish anonymous

In the line below you see links to configuration and statistical data pages:
I2PTunnel - site to setup and change local destinations (defaults)
Tunnels - overview over active tunnels and change their options in running session
Profiles - speed/capacity profiling data of known routers, floodfill information and shitlist
NetDB - Leaseset information and stats of known I2P routers
Logs - latest logs
Jobs - running jobs
Graphs - graphs of selected statistical data
Stats - collected statistics of running I2P session