iMule tips & tricks

iMule is a nice application to easy share files and be anonymous.
But there were some questions left to be asked on forum over an over again which is why I setup this text.
First rule:
Do not run iMule with the internal router. Use the usual I2P router instead and enable the SAM bridge in I2P on your clients config page. Afterwards restart I2P with a click on the restart button.

Second rule:
Always use latest version. Current version (2013) is iMule

After the first start of iMule you need to setup the config of iMule.
Open the configuration settings and make your changes. E.g. set the number of tunnels to 2 and the number of hops to max 2 - even 1 is enough for iMule.
Now decide which files and directoris you want to share. iMule needs to hash the files and this action takes some time.
Decide wisely which directory you want to share - do NOT share your complete c:\ drive on windows or your complete home directory on linux.
The hashing of the files takes part after clicking on the OK button. It will take some time and on each restart iMule will check if those files are still available.
Now it is time to restart iMule. After the restart all should be fine and iMule should connect itself to your running I2P router.
If iMule does NOT connect to your I2P router, go and lookout for any hints on badness - e.g. I2P not up and running, firewall active on or any other texts. Those will be shown in iMule in the lower text box in connection tab and in I2P under the logs page
. A small badness on windows appears on every restart of iMule: left of the graph is another window just not big enough to be seen. It displays all the other routers in the kad database stats. Just click on the left border of the graph window under connection tab and drag it to the right.

Tips for running iMule:
- the arrows are always red even if you are connected!
- wait, wait, wait. It takes time after a first start to publish your hashes of your files into the kad database
- search generic. iMule database is not really big but growing
- you can chat with the other users!

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