Router information

Description of the leftern menu in router console

In ths status console window you will always see life stats of your running I2P session.

left menu

I2P - the link under the picture will bring you back to start page of your router

Configuration - important configurations for your I2P router
Help - some basic help links

Ident - your identification of your I2P router. DO NOT PUBLISH IT! It is bound to your IP.
Version - running I2P version, should be at least 0.7.2
Uptime - I2P running time
Now - actual time - sync your clock with ntp. If time differs to much (5 min) your I2P will suffer badly
Reachability - reachability of yout I2P ports, discovered by other I2P routers connecting to them

restart/shutdown - buttons to restart or shutdown I2P nicely. Does not accept new tunnels and wait 11 min til all old tunnels are timed out

Peers - list of active UDP/NTCP connection
Active - count of I2P routers yours had connection with in 5 min/60 min rate
Fast - number of routers in fast tier (see Profiles)
High capacity - number of routers in high capacity tier
Well integrated - number of known well integrated routers
Known - number of seen different router IDs in last 24h

rates of speed in 1s average, 5 min and over all uptime of running session
Used - total amount of data sent and received in active session by I2P router

Local destinations
list of active destinations (server and clients) on local I2P router.
*shared clients - pool of tunnel for applications not running on seperate destinations
*echelon.i2p - in this case my eepsite echelon.i2p

At least the shared clients destination should be up after router startup.

Tunnels in/out
Exploratory - number of active exploratoy tunnels (see further down for tunnel information)
Client - number of active client tunnels
Participating - number of routed tunnels (not starting or ending at one of your destinations)

Job lag - time waiting for a job to be fullfilled, should be as low as possible
Message delay - delay til a message is send out of I2P
Tunnel lag - roundtrip time on tunnels
Handle backlog - numer of jobs waiting to be fullfilled, should be 0
Rejecting tunnels - reason why no new participating tunnels are accepted