Official Eche|on Donations Information Site

You need to trust me!

I created several I2P donation funds at different services.
- I2P is no official group - we cannot send you a note of donation to reduce your tax!
- all unnoticed money will go direct to the I2P general fund
- all money send in with a dedicated reason will open or extend a bounty on
- I try to always keep up with funding state on this page
- the I2P general fund will cover all needed costs of I2P - discussed by dev team and will be noted here and on official webpage
- please note if you want your name, your initials or "anonymous" be noted on this and the official donators page!

Here is the link to the bounty page of official I2P website.

Ways to donate


The I2P account at PayPal is
But you can also use the predefined setups listed here:
donate once (german)

donate once (english)

donate 10 Euro each month (12 times, german)

donate 10 euro each month during 12 month (english)
donate 20 euro each month during 12 months

donate 30 euro each month during 12 months

donate 50 euro each month during 12 months


Donations via flattr are available!


From december 2010 on I accept donations for I2P via bitcoin. Just transmit the bitcoins you like to donate into the account 1BPdWwovytfGdBwUDVgqbMZ8omcPQzshpX.
NOTE: We changed the address on 2014-02-20. Please use only the new one!


From 2013 on I accept donations for I2P via litecoin. Just transmit the litecoins you like to donate into the account LM7DTXGHBzh7xeo7ZSWR6hs9s4oVAUsw4E.
NOTE: We changed the address on 2014-02-20. Please use only the new one!


From Nov 2015 on I accept donations for I2P via Monero. Just transmit the Moneros you like to donate into the account 42oAxV3DVXXG3HhyCyi2xaPukKXbip9Sx1YuJtoCqjZRSze4tYCq7n3VUswDBFV59Zev8yfHSZro4TUwXumtRWnQ8xQipkC.


Donations via mail are possible, but remember: the envelope with the included money could get lost on the way.
Please contact us under and you get the needed information!

State of fund

Table of 2009 donations.
Table of 2010 donations.
Table of 2011 donations.
Table of 2012 donations.
Table of 2013 donations.
Table of 2014 donations.
Table of 2015 donations.
General fundwhoincomeoutgoing
Jan, 2016State of 2015-31-1236484,36 €
Jan, 2016Donation Alex10 €
Jan, 2016I2P Root Server660 €
Jan, 2016Donation Alex10 €
Jan, 2016support echelon easterhegg 2016200 €
Jan, 2016Donation ComeIn3s10 €
Jan, 2016Support Reseed Server80 €
Jan, 2016I2P stickers500 €
Jan, 2016I2P domains 59,50 €
Jan, 2016I2P support echelon300 €
Feb, 2016Donation Alex10 €
Feb, 2016Donations Flattr 2015160 €
Feb, 2016Donation Alex10 €
Feb, 2016Donation ComeIn3s10 €
Feb, 2016Donation2 €
Feb, 2016Donation10 €
Feb, 2016I2P domain11,90 €
Mar, 2016I2P stickers postal cost100 €
Mar, 2016Donation Alex10 €
Mar, 2016Donation Stickers10 €
Mar, 2016Donation10 €
Mar, 2016Donation stickers20 €
Mar, 2016Donation stickers @j:ybt18 €
Mar, 2016Donation Alex10 €
Mar, 2016Donation ComeIn3s10 €
Mar, 2016Support Postman500 €
Mar, 2016Donation4 €
Mar, 2016Donation10 €
Mar, 2016domain costs11,9 €
Mar, 2016ticket HOPE Conference138,02 €
Apr, 2016Refunds of 32c3500 €
Apr, 2016Donation Alex10 €
Apr, 2016Donation ComeIn3s10 €
Apr, 2016Donation10 €
May, 2016Donation Alex10 €
May, 2016Donation Spreadshirt13,45 €
May, 2016Donation ComeIn3s10 €
May, 2016Donation10 €
Jun, 2016Sell 10 BTC4700 €
Jun, 2016Donation ComeIn3s10 €
Jun, 2016Donation10 €
Jun, 2016I2P summer of code Designer184,18 €
Jul, 2016I2P Root server540 €
Jul, 2016I2P summer of code Designer157,42 €
Jul, 2016Donation ComeIn3s10 €
Jul, 2016Donation10 €
Jul, 2016Donation25 €
Jul, 2016I2P summer of code Designer157,62 €
Jul, 2016HOPE refunds307,68 €
Aug, 2016Donation ComeIn3s10 €
Aug, 2016Donation10 €
SUM41736,81 €-4758,83 €
2016-08-30Balance of account36977,98 €

End of 2010 I accept bitcoin as a new kind of donations. Besides anonymous donations a few arrived with names associated to it. For easy work I sum anon up to one sum each month.

Bitcoin donations
Dec, 2010anonymous400 bitcoins
Jan, 2011woodchips50 bitcoins
Jan, 2011amiga40001000 bitcoins
Jan, 2011anonymous30 bitcoins
Feb, 2011anonymous33,41 bitcoins
Mar, 2011anonymous63,01 bitcoins
Apr, 2011I2P-1000 bitcoins
Apr, 2011anonymous0,06 bitcoins
May, 2011Max Koda10 bitcoins
May, 2011anonymous1,180001 bitcoins
Jun, 2011I2P-13.6 bitcoins
Jun, 2011anonymous22.5 bitcoins
Jul, 2011hamada-20 bitcoins
Jul, 2011anonymous0,20 bitcoins
Aug, 2011anonymous0,01013004 bitcoins
Aug, 2011eurekafag2,00 bitcoins
Sep, 2011anonymous0,10 bitcoins
Sep, 2011anonymous0,10 bitcoins
Sep, 2011maxkoda.i2p1,303 bitcoins
Sep, 2011anonymous1,00 bitcoins
Oct, 2011anonymous10,00 bitcoins
Oct, 2011anonymous0,001 bitcoins
Oct, 2011anonymous0,1337 bitcoins
Oct, 2011anonymous1,00 bitcoins
Nov, 2011anonymous0,512 bitcoins
Dec, 2011anonymous5,54436182 bitcoins
Jan, 2012anonymous0,01 bitcoins
Jan, 2012maxkoda1,00 bitcoins
Feb, 2012anonymous1,4328 bitcoins
Feb, 2012anonymous1000,00 bitcoins
Feb, 2012anonymous2,20 bitcoins
Feb, 2012maxkoda1,00 bitcoins
Mar, 2012anonymous0,25 bitcoins
Mar, 2012anonymous2,00 bitcoins
Mar, 2012anonymous0,0000491 bitcoins
Mar, 2012maxkoda1,01 bitcoins
Apr, 2012anonymous0,10 bitcoins
Apr, 2012anonymous0,723 bitcoins
May, 2012anonymous0,01 bitcoins
May, 2012anonymous2,00 bitcoins
May, 2012anonymous1,50 bitcoins
May, 2012anonymous0,25 bitcoins
May, 2012anonymous0,69307046 bitcoins
Jun, 2012selling 100 BTC-100,00 bitcoins
Jun, 2012anonymous10,00 bitcoins
Jun, 2012MaxKoda1,00 bitcoins
Jul, 2012anonymous1,00 bitcoins
Jul, 2012anonymous4,00 bitcoins
Sep, 2012anonymous0,0001 bitcoins
Nov, 2012anonymous0,000666 bitcoins
Nov, 2012anonymous0,05025998 bitcoins
Nov, 2012Igor Gushchin1,00 bitcoins
Nov, 2012anonymous0,00064184 bitcoins
Nov, 2012anonymous0,01697271 bitcoins
Nov, 2012anonymous0,0005 bitcoins
Dec, 2012anonymous0,50 bitcoins
Dec, 2012anonymous0,0010 bitcoins
Dec, 2012anonymous0,50 bitcoins
Dec, 2012Syndie Bounty-100,00 bitcoins
Dec, 2012anonymous0,01234567 bitcoins
Dec, 2012anonymous0,01234567 bitcoins
Jan, 2013Kytv services-9,50 bitcoins
Jan, 2013Sell BTC-200 bitcoins
Jan, 2013anonymous0,80 bitcoins
Feb, 2013anonymous0,01234567 bitcoins
Feb, 2013anonymous0,499 bitcoins
Feb, 2013anonymous0,01234567 bitcoins
Feb, 2013anonymous0,29 bitcoins
Feb, 2013anonymous0,01234567 bitcoins
Mar, 2013Sell BTC-100 bitcoins
Mar, 2013anonymous0,01234567 bitcoins
Mar, 2013Sell BTC-100 bitcoins
Mar, 2013Sell BTC-100 bitcoins
Mar, 2013Donation echelon10 bitcoins
Mar, 2013Sell BTC-100 bitcoins
Mar, 2013Recalc Syndie Bountie32 bitcoins
Mar, 2013Sell BTC-100 bitcoins
Apr, 2013anonymous1 bitcoins
Apr, 201329C3 contest-25 bitcoins
Apr, 201329c3 contest-5 bitcoins
Apr, 201329c3 contest-10.3 bitccins
Apr, 2013anonymous0,15 bitcoins
Apr, 2013anonymous0,000024 bitcoins
Apr, 2013anonymous0,0000496 bitcoins
Apr, 2013anonymous0,01 bitcoins
May, 2013anonymous0,3 bitcoins
May, 2013anonymous0,0008 bitcoins
May, 2013anonymous0,0991 bitcoins
June, 2013anonymous0,0000067 bitcoins
June, 2013anonymous0,01 bitcoins
June, 2013anonymous0,031 bitcoins
June, 2013anonymous0,25 bitcoins
July, 2013anonymous0,00567899 bitcoins
July, 2013anonymous0,00942744 bitcoins
July, 2013anonymous0,01807730 bitcoins
July, 2013fraud loss-9 bitcoins
Aug, 2013anonymous0,0279 bitcoins
Aug, 2013sell BTC-10 bitcoins
Aug, 2013sell BTC-35 bitcoins
Sep, 2013anonymous0,000006 bitcoins
Sep, 2013anonymous0,025 bitcoins
Sep, 2013anonymous0,5 bitcoins
Sep, 2013anonymous0,008 bitcoins
Sep, 2013anonymous0,001 bitcoins
Oct, 2013anonymous-50 bitcoins
Oct, 2013anonymous0,00009485 bitcoins
Oct, 2013anonymous0,02 bitcoins
Oct, 2013anonymous0,02 bitcoins
Nov, 2013anonymous0,01 bitcoins
Nov, 2013anonymous0,09 bitcoins
Nov, 2013anonymous-10 bitcoins
Nov, 2013anonymous-10 bitcoins
Nov, 2013anonymous0,3 bitcoins
Nov, 2013anonymous-10 bitcoins
Nov, 2013anonymous0,1 bitcoins
Nov, 2013anonymous0,03 bitcoins
Dec, 2013anonymous0,01 bitcoins
Dec, 2013anonymous0,035 bitcoins
Dec, 2013anonymous0,01 bitcoins
Dec, 2013anonymous0,00495868 bitcoins
Dec, 2013anonymous0,02 bitcoins
Jan, 2014Kytv services-0,145 bitcoins
Jan, 2014IPv6 Bounty-0,0903 bitcoins
Jan, 2014anonymous0,002 bitcoins
Jan, 2014anonymous0,002 bitcoins
Jan, 2014anonymous0,001 bitcoins
Jan, 2014anonymous0,04858459 bitcoins
Jan, 2014anonymous0,02 bitcoins
Jan, 2014anonymous0,0061 bitcoins
Feb, 2014anonymous0,00193241 bitcoins
Feb, 2014anonymous0,001 bitcoins
Feb, 2014anonymous0,008 bitcoins
Feb, 2014anonymous0,005 bitcoins
Feb, 2014anonymous0,01662 bitcoins
Feb, 2014anonymous0,005 bitcoins
Mar, 2014Loss due to MtGox gone out of business-25 bitcoins
Mar, 2014anonymous0,002 bitcoins
Mar, 2014anonymous0,01762267 bitcoins
Mar, 2014Split BTC bounty49 bitcoins
Mar, 2014Split Syndie bounty15 bitcoins
Mar, 2014anonymous0,03000000 bitcoins
Apr, 2014anonymous0,01600000 bitcoins
Apr, 2014anonymous0,02000000 bitcoins
Apr, 2014anonymous0,02257693 bitcoins
Apr, 2014anonymous0,02650896 bitcoins
May, 2014anonymous0,01500000 bitcoins
May, 2014anonymous0,00150120 bitcoins
May, 2014anonymous0,00223673 bitcoins
May, 2014anonymous0,00010000 bitcoins
May, 2014anonymous0,00010000 bitcoins
May, 2014anonymous0,00010000 bitcoins
May, 2014anonymous0,00294658 bitcoins
May, 2014anonymous0,01000000 bitcoins
Jul, 2014Support KyTV Android Device-0,38 bitcoins
Sep, 2014anonymous0,00001000 bitcoins
Oct, 2014anonymous0,00913297 bitcoins
Nov, 2014anonymous0,02000000 bitcoins
Nov, 2014anonymous0,07426772 bitcoins
Nov, 2014anonymous0,00884787 bitcoins
Nov, 2014anonymous0,00290655 bitcoins
Nov, 2014anonymous0,03000000 bitcoins
Dec, 2014Donation for Sponge5,00000000 bitcoins
Dec, 2014anonymous0,01579829 bitcoins
Dec, 2014anonymous0,04728000 bitcoins
Jan, 2015anonymous0,04 bitcoins
Jan, 2015Kytv services-2,8 bitcoins
Jan, 2015dg services-0,4 bitcoins
Feb, 2015anonymous0,05 bitcoins
Mar, 2015anonymous0,01 bitcoins
Apr, 2015anonymous0,1 bitcoins
Apr, 2015anonymous0,0773 bitcoins
Apr, 2015dg Rasperry Pi 2-0,25 bitcoins
May, 2015anonymous0,00325375 bitcoins
Jun, 2015I2Pcon travel support-6 bitcoins
Jun, 2015I2Pcon travel support-1 bitcoins
Jun, 2015anonymous0,0488 bitcoins
Jul, 2015anonymous0,00485993 bitcoins
Jul, 2015I2PCon travel upport-1,5 bitcoins
Jul, 2015anonymous0,00581971 bitcoins
Jul, 2015anonymous0,04000000 bitcoins
Jul, 2015anonymous0,00839704 bitcoins
Jul, 2015anonymous0,01884516 bitcoins
Jul, 2015anonymous0,01714000 bitcoins
Jul, 2015anonymous0,00500000 bitcoins
Jul, 2015anonymous0,01701606 bitcoins
Aug, 2015anonymous0,1121100 bitcoins
Aug, 2015anonymous0,0059006 bitcoins
Sep, 2015anonymous0,02387285 bitcoins
Sep, 2015anonymous1,00000000 bitcoins
Sep, 2015anonymous0,01000000 bitcoins
Sep, 2015anonymous0,10000000 bitcoins
Oct, 2015anonymous0,01000000 bitcoins
Oct, 2015anonymous0,01266157 bitcoins
Oct, 201532C3 support-9,24340000 bitcoins
Oct, 2015dg Android tablet-0,43660000 bitcoins
Oct, 2015anonymous0,03037511 bitcoins
Oct, 2015anonymous0,49500000 bitcoins
Nov, 2015RWC 2016 support-1,45000000 bitcoins
Jan, 2016anonymous0,01173000 bitcoins
Feb, 2016anonymous0,02276341 bitcoins
Feb, 2016anonymous0,00050000 bitcoins
Feb, 2016anonymous0,01332000 bitcoins
Feb, 2016anonymous0,00010000 bitcoins
Feb, 2016anonymous0,00020000 bitcoins
Feb, 2016anonymous0,00058000 bitcoins
Mar, 2016refund 32c3 support2,24350000 bitcoins
Mar, 2016anonymous0,00300000 bitcoins
Mar, 2016anonymous0,10000000 bitcoins
Mar, 2016anonymous0,07500000 bitcoins
Mar, 2016anonymous0,01953900 bitcoins
Apr, 2016stickers0,02263000 bitcoins
May, 2016anonymous0,06000000 bitcoins
May, 2016anonymous0,00171517 bitcoins
May, 2016anonymous0,00559821 bitcoins
May, 2016anonymous0,00500000 bitcoins
Jun, 2016anonymous0,03468000 bitcoins
Jun, 2016sell 10 BTC-10,00000000 bitcoins
Jul, 2016anonymous0,07412788 bitcoins
Jul, 2016anonymous0,00338839 bitcoins
Jul, 2016sell HOPE ticket0,21240141 bitcoins
Jul, 2016anonymous0,00761615 bitcoins
2016-08-30sum509,86935486 bitcoins

Es of 2013 I accept also litecoin as a new kind of donations. Currently only anonymous donations came in.

Litecoin donations
Dec, 2013anonymous10,21 litecoins
Feb, 2014anonymous0,995 litecoins
Feb, 2014anonymous0,495 litecoins
Mar, 2014anonymous1 litecoins
Jun, 2014anonymous991,776 litecoins
Sept, 2014Donation to litecoins
May, 2016anonymous0,19732212 litecoins
2016-08-30sum704,1783 litecoins

Es of 2015 I accept also Monero as a new kind of donations. Currently only anonymous donations came in.

Monero donations
Nov, 2015anonymous5 XMZ
Nov, 2015anonymous20 XMZ
Nov, 2015anonymous3,9821674258 XMZ
Nov, 2015anonymous20 XMZ
Nov, 2015anonymous50 XMZ
Dec, 2015anonymous1 XMZ
Dec, 2015anonymous2,40354515 XMZ
Dec, 2015anonymous10 XMZ
Dec, 2015anonymous1000 XMZ
Dec, 2015anonymous40 XMZ
Dec, 2015anonymous22 XMZ
Feb, 2016anonymous0,2 XMZ
Mar, 2016anonymous140,9081423900 XMZ
Mar, 2016anonymous0,9700 XMZ
2016-08-30sum1316,4638549658 Monero

Losses beside official payouts

Breakdown of bitcoin-24 in april 2013
As I2P need to pay some bounties and servers and other bills with Euro or Dollar, we exchange the BTC into Euro.
To spread the risk, I did use at least 2 onoine exchanges and private exchanges.
One of the online exchanges went down in april 2013 and had 7899 € left in the accoutn to be payed to us.
As the situation was settled down quite nice, I did pay the sum of 7899 € from my private account into I2P account and did fetch the money from bitcoin-24 later on.
No loss of money for I2P.

Exchange fraud in 2013:
Some users do offer to buy BTC for money via PayPal and SEPA bank transfer.
For bad luck one PayPal (2BTC) and one SEPA (7BTC) transfers were sent via hacked account and I needed to pay back the money after BTC were sent. Police is noticed, but thats not always helpful to get back the BTC.
The loss of these 9 BTC is already noted in above table.

MTGox went down 25th feb 2014
zzz.i2p entry
MtGox was a stable and reliable exchange platform which did worked for some years. I did exchange money on this platform and all transfers untill 2013 did arrive on my account. As for some reason MtGox did have had a large delay between the order to send me money and the real transfer into my account.
As MtGox went down, still 25 BTC and 9.900 € were in my account. The money was in queue to be payed out in mid march 2014. I do not believe it will be payed to me at that date.
As some of the money was my private money, I2P did lost 7.899 €.

State of bounties

I2P Unit Tests
Jan, 2012anonymous1500 €
Mar, 2012anonymous1500 €
Mar, 2012paid 150€ to str4d-150 €
Apr, 2012paid 150€ to str4d-150 €
Jan, 2013paid 400€ to dev team-400 €
Jan, 2012donation5 €
2012-08-01sum2305 €

Frost for tahoe-lafs-i2p
Oct, 2008echelon50 €
2011-01-01sum50 €

Eepsites served out of tahoe-lafs-i2p
Oct, 2008echelon50 €
Aug, 2011eurekafag2 BTC
Nov, 2011anonymous15 Eur
Jan, 2013anonymous30 Eur
2014-07-14sum95 € & 2 BTC

Backporting new Phex code to I2Phex
Sep, 2009Arne Bab10 €
Oct, 2009echelon10 €
Jan, 2010echelon20 €
Mar, 2010echelon20 €
Mar, 2011anonymous40 €
2010-03-26sum100 €

I2P package in Ubuntu and Debian mirrors
Mar, 2011h2ik23 €
Apr, 2011anon50 €
Jan, 2012anon20 €
Oct, 2012anon20 €
Jan, 2013anon10 €
Aug, 2013anon25 €
2013-08-25sum148 €

Bitcoin client for I2P
Jul, 2011psychonaut30 €
Nov, 2011maxkoda5,23 bitcoin
Dec, 2011maxkoda5,01 €
Jan, 2012anonymous100 BTC
Jan, 2012maxkoda2 BTC
Feb, 2012maxkoda2 BTC
Mar, 2012maxkoda2,10 BTC
Jun, 2012maxkoda1 BTC
Nov, 2012maxkoda1 BTC
Apr, 2013giv-30 €
Apr, 2013giv-68 BTC
Mar, 2014I2P general fund-49 BTC
Mar, 2015JJE10 €
2015-03-31sum20 €1,34 Bitcoin

Sponge Robert
Oct, 2012anonymous5 €
Oct, 2012anonymous10 bitcoin
Oct, 2012anonymous20 €
Oct, 2012anonymous20 €
Nov, 2012anonymous16 €
Nov, 2012anonymous40 €
Nov, 2012Sponge Payout-101 € & 10 Bitcoin
Jan, 2013anonymous20 €
Dec, 2014anonymous1420 €
Dec, 2014paid to sponge-851 €
Jan, 2015paid to sponge-589 €

Syndie Dev
Dec, 2012I2P100 Bitcoin
Feb, 2013I2P-50 Bitcoin
Mar, 2013I2P-32 Bitcoin
Mar, 2014I2P-15 Bitcoin
Jun, 2015Stian Berger40 €
2015-06-31sum40 € and 3 Bitcoin

I2P package for CCR Microtic Board
Apr, 2013I2P10 €
2012-05-01sum10 €